Hello! My name is Ms. Larson. Please travel with me to New Orleans to study Climate Change and Caterpillars!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday- First Day in the Field

Today we went out the the field and learned more about what we are going to be doing during out research while we are down here. We also started to collect caterpillars today and I found my first caterpillar. One of the first caterpillars that we found is called a Orange Dog Swallowtail. The picture on the left is the young caterpillar and the one to the right is the older caterpillar.

I know this is a little young but you can make your own caterpillars and see how they do in the environment.


  1. the train looks fun are u having FUN? :):):)

  2. Where did you find your first caterpillar Mrs. Larson? How can you tell how old a caterpillar is?

    Kaleigh Nichols

  3. Caterpillars are gross! Eat healthy :)
    -Your favorite student Shaylyn!

  4. Timothy is doing great!! Thanks for asking!!(thats our egg) he's going to grow up big and strong like his family. We love him so very much!! He's going to be rich and famous!! Timothy is going to be in lots of movies, he's going to be a superstar!!
    How are you doing?
    I'm fine.
    I love food!!
    How is the food there??
    I bet it's scrumdidilyumshous!!
    Are you having fun??
    Are ya are ya?!?!?!

    sincerly jessica

  5. Man these Pictures Look really good what kinda camera are you using

  6. that would be so awsome to see in person, totally jelious. Jessica Grimm

  7. i would like to see that in person and what is that food call?
    or what is itt?

  8. oh wat up ms larson this is david idk i just wanted to comment for the fun of it its cool what your doing though

  9. Dear Mrs. Larson,
    I really like the picture of the older caterpillar. It looks really cool but, it did not really look like a caterpillar. When I was in Texas, with my family, we grew caterpillars to butterflies. I was about five or six years old. My mother homeschooled us and we decided to grow butterflies as a science project.

  10. cool pictures

    craig conkel
    craigy light

  11. Wow some of these comments are sad that hughschoolers are writeing them so im going to ask asomething scientific....
    Mrs. Larson has this trip made your entire life a sucess did you choose the right path to become the person you are i think actually we all think so your the best bio teacher i have had and i have had three..you are going to be a great mommy and we miss you terrible so have a safe trip and hurry back:)

  12. Whoa, that one at the top looks nasty, and dirty. Like someone made it out of clay and painted it in art class. Haha

    -LaNae' James