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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 3 - Kayaking in the Bayou

Today was an exciting day. The team split up today and I was on the kayaking team. We got into the water around 10 am today and kayaked up the river to 2 different sites where we did some more data collection. Of course, I fell over in some mud and decided to wipe the mud off on a tree which was covered with all that poison ivy that I told you about earlier. With all the poison ivy there is here in the Bayou it will be amazing if I don't get itchy soon.

What I want you to do today is try and figure out what kind of animal track this is that we found. Here is a Hint: It was found by a body of water.

The most exciting part of our day is when we were just about back to the bunk house and we stopped to kayak in the Cyprus and Tupelo trees. About 100 feet into the swamp there was the biggest alligator that I have ever seen- even in a zoo. It was about 14 feet and approximately 1300 lbs. Right when we were near it, it jumped into the water and scared us all. We paddled our kayaks away very quickly. We later find out the locals call him "El Guapo" and he is pretty famous around the Bayou.


  1. Isn't that an crocodile track?

  2. Its an aligator! Im so smart! :)
    P.S. Eat healthy!

  3. Its an alligator track Mrs. Larson.

    Kaleigh N.

  4. Mrs. Larson I'm really sad that I was sick yesterday and I didn't get to see you on skype ): When I read your blog I was all "Oh it's an alligator foot!" And everyone else was like "Uhh... duh. She said so yesterday" And I felt stupid.

  5. Jenny Chavez RiveraApril 23, 2010 at 7:47 AM

    Omg , That's A Huge Alligator.
    I Think I Would Have Fainted , Ha
    Looks Like Yer Having Fun There !
    But The Water Looks Sorta Nasty ? Ewwie (:

  6. IM gonna have to say thats a gator track

    -Cephus Wright

  7. wow that alligator is pretty cool!!! And it is really big!!! I can't imagine being close to it!!! It would probably scare me.

  8. Also; I really hope you don't get poison ivy, because I've had that a ton of times and I know how much it sucks.
    The sub brought up something interesting and now I'm wondering it too; Can you put medicine on your poison ivy (if you get it)? Because when you're pregnant sometimes you can't use certain medicines and stuff. I was just wondering :D

  9. did u get it yet?
    dont get poked bye the thingy

    -Tommy R.

    p.s. eat healthly

  10. Jenny Chavez RiveraApril 23, 2010 at 7:52 AM

    Wow !
    Falling In Mud ,
    Cleaning Yourself On A Tree Covered In Poisin Ivy ,
    & Running Away From 'El Guapo'
    - SOUNdS LiKE yOUR hAViNg fUN (:
    & That's Good To Know !

  11. Was that your first time kayaking? Ive always wanted to try but im scared ill fall over into the water, stuck upside down..
    Oh! That river, the Bayou, is on The Princess and The Frog! I love that movie:)

    -LaNae' James

  12. WOW, that's a huge alligator!!!
    Were you scare when you kayaked in that water? i know i would be:)

  13. EL GAUPO IS MUY BIEN im diggin the gaint aligator of death dude DANTE RAMMONE TERRY

  14. Dear Mrs.Larson,
    It was fun skyping you. I hope you dont get poision ivy. I think it is cool how you guys are finding caterpillars and logging their data in. So what are some of the species have you found?

  15. Dear Mrs.Larson,
    I think the footprint was made from the alligator. lol Donte says its from a squirrel. lol which i think the print is too big for the squirrel to make. lol lol

  16. I think the animal track belongs to an alligator such as El Guapo.


  17. Hi Ms.Larson,
    My teacher Ms.Lombardi also told us about El Guapo. Our class actullay just learned what El guapo ment in spanish. It means The Handsome. I dont think he is that handsome.

  18. Sorry if this posts twice, it wasn't showing up so I'm going to post again. I think the footprint is from an alligator, maybe from El Guapo.

    -Kelly, Jamestown Elementary, Ms. Lombardi's class

  19. Hi Ms.Larson cool games you have I liked the green game well have a good trip back to new orlands:)